Touchdown- Lucknow

Here I am trying to jot down this blog with a lot of difficulties as I have gloves on, wearing a sweater. A shawl is kept near me just for situations where the gusty winds of Lucknow decide to lash out and freeze us.

Aerial View of Lucknow

Yes, I am finally in Lucknow and the weather here as turned around in the last three days. The time we reached Lucknow it was a freezing 13 degrees. Though you may think that is like nothing and you might have experienced lesser temperatures than this.

But hey, I feel cold. There are cold winds blowing out here and not sunlight. So I know my dilemma. Not much of a dilemma actually, because I am a fan of the winter season.

[Winter is Here!!!] And a fan of Game of Thrones as well {lame}

So getting back on track with the follow me to Lucknow streak…

We reached Lucknow Airport at around 9ish and we were welcomed by one of Vishwas’s childhood friend and the other host was his elder brother [the one getting married] {Vishwas is the name of the guy I am dating}

On the way back home his friend made sure that I was filled with panic and fear to face his family. I started thinking of ways to greet them and not say something that goes out of hand.

But surprisingly they were very welcoming and looked delighted to have us home. We were so tired with the harassing journey that we simply crashed to sleep.

It had hardly been an hour that I was lost in deep sleep snuggling in my cozy blanket.

Suddenly someone just pulled it away from me and I woke up in shock to see two foolish friends of Vishwas who are nothing else but jokery.

Both of them took us to this popular coffee place at some hospital campus for quick Maggi and coffee.

It is already so cold here and bike rides are freezing till bones.

Later got back home to aunty’s delicious lunch total desi style.

In the evening though I got so bored because there were a lot of guests that arrived for the wedding and we were then later a stale news. So the attention had shifted to new guests and hence I was lacking attention.

If you have come to this post through my previous one, you might know that it is during Valentine’s week that we are traveling and staying at Lucknow as a couple. So my partner got a little romantic and took me out for a stroll on his brother’s royal Enfield [bullet as you call it].

We went on a ride from his house at Chowk to the Chowk Market. He then stopped at a store with teddies and other gift items. I had no clue and got thinking that he might be picking up something for a family member.

Then he came out with a box that had a gold rose in it. And then I realized that it is the rose day today and my not so gooey boyfriend is trying to be all cute and admirable.

We took this romantic enthusiasm further by continuing our bike ride towards few of the old monuments that were nearby.

We saw the Bada Imambara, Clock Tower, Chhota Imambara, Teele Wali Masjid and rode on the busy streets of Lucknow dodging the unruly people and cattle on road.

Well here is a glance at our little stroll around Lucknow

View of the entrance of the Imambara from the Top
Rumi Darwaza towards Imambara
imambara, lucknow, lucknow tourism, things to do in lucknow
Sunset from the top of Imambara


imambara, lucknow, lucknow tourism, nawab
Entrance of the Imambara
lucknow, lucknow tourism, tourism, lucknow india
View of the Masjid inside Imambara

Lucknow has no traffic rules, or maybe I should say Uttar Pradesh is famous for not following rules. Be it traffic rules or other rules in the country. Everyone here is ready to hit another person over a little quarrel due to traffic or even in the market when shopping.

This is a major behavioral pattern these days in India where nobody wants to hear anyone but they want only their voice to be heard.

Later in the night, I got to experience a completely different side of the city. I was awestruck by the sight of the new Lucknow. It can also be called as the developed Lucknow. The infrastructure and the roadways there are better and smooth as compared to the old Lucknow side.

We were headed to the Cabana a rooftop setting at Hotel Grand Savvy, Gomti Nagar. Gomti Nagar is one of the popular areas in the state and is said to house people hight standard and positions.

A fact that came out as a shocking revelation for someone who has grown up in a city like Mumbai was that the nightlife here has to sadly close down by midnight. Everything here goes shut as soon as the clock strikes twelve.

This is like when Mumbai gets into the party mood, Lucknow goes to sleep.

But the fact that Lucknow has Hookah bars that run at night along with drinks is something that Mumbai can learn.

Ths Cabana though was a perfect sheesha and drinks hub.

Take a look at the fun we had…

Got home late and had to sneak quietly in the house and crash in our beds.

Now I am looking forward to the new things I would get to see today and the new experiences that are in store for me in the 9 days to come.

Until then, be inconstant; stay frenzy!

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