Day 2 -Street food & History

After a great night with all friends and family at The Grand Cabana, last night we came in too late hence woke up later than everyone did.
Spent the whole afternoon at home and in the evening time when the sun decided to hide behind the cold clouds. We got out to go and visit the Bara Imambara from the inside and know about its history.
When you visit heritage places in a country you ought to spend some money to experience it and contribute to its tourism revenue.
As we entered the Imambara there was a notice for couples to hire a guide to visit the Imambara or else the visit shall be restrained. We took a guide for Rs. 150 and he began with the whole story of this monument.

This building was built as a shrine in the remembrance of the prophet’s grandson Husain. The Chota Imambara, on the other hand, was a shrine for the younger grandson of the Prophet – Hasan.

The whole building is made up without the use of wood or any metal. The architect from Delhi Kifayatullah used only Lakhanwi bricks, which are small in size, and lime plaster. The structure has been standing tall since 1784.
There are several halls in this monument that were specially built and have various origins of their name and architecture. One of these magnificent halls is the main hall of the Imambara underneath which the Nawab Asaf-ud-Daula was buried next to the same architect who built this monument.
This Bara Imambara Complex also includes the large Asfi mosque, the bhul-bhulaiya (the labyrinth), and baoli, a step well with running water. Two gateways leading to the main hall. They say there are 1024 ways to reach the terrace but only one to come back. It is an accidental architecture.
Here is a picture of us on the terrace…

The guide actually lets you find a way out for 10 mins and we actually reached the exit but took a wrong turn in the end and returned back to nowhere.
The trick is to keep going up and not go down at all and it may lead you to the right way out but its a risk to take.

When we left the Imambara, we further went to meet two of Vishwas’s friends and below is a picture…

We went to see the Kudiya Ghat Lucknow it is just a riverfront of the Gomti River and young people like us go down there for some chill…
This is just a glance of it…

I did not click many pictures here because waterfronts in India are not much to display as there is a lot of garbage floating all over… (makes me sad but that’s a reality)

Then we parted from his friends and went on to Jagdish’s Chaat House to have the Tikki chaat and alu chips… I also had batashe (pani puri in Mumbai) but I didn’t quite like the taste…

potato, chips, lucknow food, food at lucknow, lucknow, street food, food
This is Aalu Chips (Potato Chips)

Took some chaat back home and shared with other family members and left for dinner and some sheesha fun at Royal Sky, Hazratganj

It is a well-lit place with some great sheesha options and good Pita Bread.
Sharing few pictures of our time there…

Tomorrow is another day and our groom, Sanjeev Bhai is prepping up for his change of color… find out how… in my next blog…


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