Day 7 @ the Lucknow Zoo

Let me start by thanking you first.

By you I mean the person reading this post because you have consistently read my blog for this Lucknow Streak and I can not thank you enough.

As we all know that Vishwas is from Lucknow and he has temporarily moved to Mumbai for his job. He often visits Lucknow for occasions like Diwali, Holi, and other important Indian festivals. So the last time he was here I had asked me to get me a typical Chikankari dress material from here that he did. And Day 7 is the day I chose to wear that dress.

As we had planned to visit the Lucknow Zoo today and take a look at the natural beauty preserved for people to watch.

But before we left the house to go to the zoo we spent some quality time with our cute and talkative Daadi and she has the best topics to talk about. And all she wants to do whole day is watch Dharmic Religious priests on TV talking about the certain truths of life. She can watch them in any language.

She also has a continuous commentary going on when we are watching a movie and that is something very funny coming from a 92-year-old woman. When you look at her you will feel shes an old weary lady who would mostly feel tired all the time. But hey, give it sometime be around her and you will see that she is the most active 92-year-old you have ever seen.

She is never sitting or just lying on the bed unless its night time and everyone has forced her to be in bed. Ohh, she can shut you up in seconds and you won’t even realize.

Vishwas is her grandson and as he stays away from the family he is very dear to her and she loves him a lot and cares too much for him. He always acts foolishly around her and here are some silly moments of Vishwas with Daadi

So after spending some time with Daadi, we left for our little exploration of the Lucknow Zoological Gardens. Here is a very beautiful fountain right at the entrance.

And I was so excited to see a real Lion for the first time in my life…

So almost for the first hour, we were looking at different types of Deers and then a toy train continuously running with people in it. And I have this thing of talking to street dogs and other animals. So this is what I did there as well…

The most magnificent bird (though flightless) was the ostrich… oh my god it was so huge it could kill you just by looking at you…

Here is the toy train…

Few more Deers later we found out the birds enclosure…

The animals here have been kept in a really good condition and it does look like their enclosures are cleaned and maintained at regular intervals. But the birds in their cages seemed a little off though because they cannot just fly and are trapped in a small area.

There was one huge vulture as well like we see in the movies but his enclosure was small and he also looked really old to fly off so it was just cornered in the cage away from the light and people.

There we saw some bears and monkeys too…

Then we went forward towards the tigers right in the middle of the zoo…

The came the best part the Leopard, it was so near to us I could just see him right in the eye. I was so thrilled to see it act like a cat and yawn showing its sharp teeth… and here I tried to entertain it with my joke… let me know if you find it funny…

Then there were these Alligators who practically did nothing and at one point, we thought that they are fake until one of them slightly took a deep breath…

Next, to the alligators are two domes like structures completely dedicated to Fishes and Owls. The owls are kept in dark ones obviously and there were varieties of fishes in the Aquarium. Here are pictures of both respectively.

As we headed towards the most awaited animal enclosures of all time…Vishwas decided to break his teeth but could not manage to get it done correctly though… Here is a video of his failed try.

I was so excited to see the Lion.. the king of the jungle. The lions are given big spaces in the Zoo and their enclosures are practically dens and it looked like a King dwells there.

Photo from Poojan Dogra🙈
But we were not so lucky

There was no Lion.. 😦 The lion had gone inside his den behind the wall in the picture. We actually waited there for 30 mins but nothing… The Lion is truly a King and you cannot demand his presence unless he wants to see you.

After leaving the Zoo and being one with nature we realized that a very inspiring movie had recently released and it had Vishwas’s favorite actor in the lead role.

Hence, without further ado, we headed to PVR Cinemas at Saharaganj Mall. Took two tickets to Padman and it turned out to be the best movie ever made on a topic that is so sensitive. I wish each woman out there gets to watch this movie and learn the basics of being healthy and fit.

This was the end of another day in Lucknow.
And if you have noticed… in another two days I shall have to pack my bags and go back home in Mumbai.
On Day 10 we have to catch an afternoon flight to Mumbai. 

Stay tuned for all the updates on the next two days…


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