Day 6 – Just Like Another Day

Today is a little more chilly here and there are strong winds blowing and freezing us.
We are doing nothing today, it feels like a very lazy day today as we are done with the wedding and every ritual related to it.

Everyone is on routine doing their chores.

As I have mentioned in my blogs earlier, there are people here who have come all over from Nepal. And me being a quick learner caught few phrases from their language. One of the popular ones being, ‘Hajur‘ that probably is the sound you will hear if you call someone out. That is the Nepali way of saying ‘Haan Ji’.
I heard this word mostly from Anju Di as she was the only one who was called out for most of the times.
The Nepali language though has a Sanskrit essence to it and has the same manuscript as Hindi .ie. Devanagari. The people have developed their own styles of talking and it makes it sound like Chinese sometimes. But that’s just what I feel.
I bought few novels here from Lovelane Market and I dug my head into it for the whole afternoon.
As we moved ahead towards the evening, two of Vishwas’s friends showed up -Adarsh & Himanshu. All of his friends are foolish and joking around all the time. Messing up with each others hair, mobiles and what not. But they don’t bother me so much so I am cool.
We all then planned to revisit the same place we went on the first day of my stay. The Cabana at Gomti Nagar. We really loved the open deck ambiance there and wanted to try it again.
So it was time for a chilling bike ride all over again and this time it was a long one as this place was quite far from our place.
Here are some pictures from that evening…

So we had conversations here about some things from the past and how these guys dealt with it. I felt like they were trying to get me on the same page they were with their friendship.
I would like to mention the friendship I experienced here in Lucknow between these guys and also their bond with me. I don’t mean to be cliche but I never really had such great friends since school times. It didn’t feel like this was the first time we were meeting we got so comfortable around each other. The person to be thanked here is Vishwas because he let me be friends with his friends and that is something really generous. 😛

Back in Mumbai, I feel people have very short and limited relationships with each other. ‘Kaam se kaam rakhte hai’, Especially your friends are not so much involved with your home and your parents. But here I got to see how deep-rooted these friends are. Since childhood, they have been together and they know each other in and out. That’s Amazing!!

So this day was just plain simple, it had rained a little that day the streets were a little damp and you could smell the soil as it had touched the precious few drops of rain that evening.

As we rode back home, I thought to myself… it’s a wonderful world… (its a song)
I was living the dream there in Lucknow and it felt like nothing can harm me make me sad because this moment right here had it all and there was nothing else I could have asked for.

So, tomorrow we are planning to explore one of Lucknow’s major attractions and I would love to share my experience with you guys… Can you guess what it is??

Well, you will find out in my next blog… See you there.


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