Day 8 – Family Barbecue & Some Shopping

On the 8th day at the Nepali Kothi, it was a complete scene of madness and chit-chat about the popular barbecue party that this family loved to host. And hearing all these discussions I was very anxious to know what the hype is about.But there were other reasons as well to my anxiousness about this ‘great family barbecue’. One of the reasons was that I was a debutant at family barbecuing and I had no idea what it was like.

That was because I have very few members in my near family and at home, there is only Maa and Me. It has been like this for 20 years now. I have completely accepted this fact there is not going to be anyone else for me rather than my glorious Mother. But after coming all the way to Lucknow and meeting such a great family with so many people in it. It has made me a really joyful and happy person.

The start to this day was all routine like, and by now I have graced as a member of this big fat family. I am accustomed to all the ethics here. There were so many guests from Nepal, that queuing up for your turn in the bathroom was a ritual now. And it was not boring or frustrating at all. While I waited for my turn I had these fabulous conversations with Aunty-Ji (Vishwas’s mom), then the most talkative Bua-Ji (Badi Bua). She has ‘n’ number of stories about Nepal, the Nepal earthquakes, their survival there, the beauty and the difference between India and Nepal.

So it was fun waiting for your turn and then going up for a bath like you are going to war with the cold water. (Ohh, Happy Days :D)

I hardly saw Vishwas this day because he was in ‘the shop‘ downstairs as his father was not in town. So he was the Seth-Ji that day and was handling customers. This is a video of him working on to distribute the best quality, Saffron.

This shop I am talking about is basically an ancient family business of Kesar (Saffron) and other raw herbs that are very delicate and important in nature. This is an atavistic establishment it means it was formed by their ancestors in the year 1909. So you see it has been more than 100 years that they are into this business.
This road sign below speaks for itself and tells us about the age-oldness of the Nepali Kothi at Chowk, Lucknow

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After his business in the shop, Vishwas and Gaurav Bhai (Another elder cousin) got busy with getting things for the barbecue.

Whilst, I sat near the Pooja room in the balcony reading my novel that afternoon and this is my favorite hobby ever

At around 4pm Shashank appeared. (Shashank is a childhood friend of Vishwas and he is nice but annoying.)

So we made quick plans to go to Aminabad for buying some ethnic earrings for myself and some friends in Mumbai. I have no picture of the horrifying experience I had at this Aminabad area. Here are a few points that may express my turmoil. 

  1. It is crowded as hell. I mean you cant breathe. I am claustrophobic, hence I crushed Vishwas’s hand so tightly everytime we moved around in there. 
  2. The road to reach this place was another dreadful ride. It went from narrow streets and small corners in between the houses from Chowk to Aminabad
  3. The market in Aminabad especially for women’s jewelry is called the Garbar Jhala Market. This name because of the stupidly high prices they put on these small items. 
  4. The sellers in this market are mannerless and do not care who you are even if you are a potential customer. They Do not Care. 
  5. Bargaining is possible but difficult because negotiation is something that they are well versed with so, brace yourselves. 
TIP: Leave all your egos and shame out of this market and shamelessly argue and fight with them if they show any kind of discourtesy. Thank you!! (I did the same, but I was yet very respectful.)

We got back home in time for the barbecue and all I could buy from that chaos market was two pairs of Juttis or Nagras (in Lucknow) and 7 pairs of earrings (I love them).

When I peeped down to the common area of the Nepali Kothi the Barbecue table was set. On the left side were the Veg items and Non-veg ones on the right.

This barbecue was a first time for me but it appeared to be the last one at home for Monica Di (Vishwas’s Cousin sister) as her day of holy matrimony was supposed to be the 20th of February.

[Unfortunately, we were not going to be a part of her wedding and we surely missed a whole lot of fun there.]


The barbecue party though continued to be a fabulous one with everyone together at the same place and dancing and singing along the portable speaker we had carefully placed on a small platform on the adjacent wall.

Rajeev Bhaiyya requested for few of his favorite Nepali Songs and Sabita Bhabhi explained the songs to me. There was everyone, friends, a huge family of cousins, uncles, aunts.

It was one of the loveliest evenings of my adult life. 😀

As you step into your twenties. Such calm peaceful evenings even at home with your loved ones become your idea of fun. Rather than those young and kiddish nightfalls at pubs and bars, getting sloshed and waking up with a hangover the next morning. 

I am not so regular at praying to God, but I did thank him that night for the surreal existence he had given me that day. ❤



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